Esselunga has launched a massive Christmas contest

according traditionas well as in the holidays of 2022, long S The Christmas Quiz launches. Shopping vouchers are available, but also 4,000 Polaroids now, 3,500 Apple Ipads 64 GB, 3,000 MacBook Air 13 “, 1,500 Sony TVs 55 inches, and then baskets and food products.

Esselunga 2022 competition, prizes

Organization of the Esselunga competition

From November 27 to December 24, by shopping in Esselunga boutiques and perfumeries and in the section dedicated to online purchases and presenting Carta Fìdaty (or by entering the relevant code in the appropriate online shopping programme), the customer will receive (or with shopping in the case of a purchase Online) postcard for every €30 spent or every 50 Fragola points (in one voucher).Esselunga Christmas contest, postcard

On the postcards there will be 6 squares covered in an opaque varnish that must be removed to discover any winnings. If, after removing the paint, 3 identical writings appear for one of the finished products, you will win the prize corresponding to the 3 writings. Furthermore, if you shop in Esselunga, laEsse, perfumeries and b, when presenting the Fìdaty card at the cash desk at the time of payment, you will be able to compete for instant prizes when you reach 30 euros or 50 Fragola points (in a single receipt). Total prize money 28,824,420.00 (VAT included).

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