Espresso sale rumors: Journalists’ group agrees to set of strikes

Tonight we caught up with Gedi Group CEO Maurizio Scanavino to ask him for clarification regarding Espresso sale rumors to the Iervolino family-controlled Bfc Media publishing group. Faced with requests from the editorial board, the CEO stated that the company had not received “any formal offers”.

After months of denials and statements to the contrary, without presenting a clear plan for initiatives and development for the magazine to the editorial board in recent years, the will to sell was actually accepted for the first time.

Espresso editors denounced plans of action aimed at creating a free and critical voice in the Italian journalistic scene, the newspaper founded by Carlo Caracciolo and Eugenio Scalfari from which the Espresso publishing group was born, and the newspaper Repubblica which later expanded to include the Gedi Group.

We are concerned about the fate of the two weeks and all the newspapers of a publisher have not hesitated to define the first Italian news magazine as “inconsistent with the strategies of the group”.

In light of this, the Journalists Association handed over the strike days package to the CDR, and retained any other initiative to protect the work of the editorial staff and the printed value of its 67 years of history, the civic, political and cultural protagonist. Battles that have had a decisive impact on our society.

cdr of espresso

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