Esperia Cremona, the new yellow and blue centerpiece is Beatrice Badini

Cremona – A new player arrives in the shadow of Torrazzo: Beatrice Badini JoinedAsperia Foleyand strengthening the central administration. Fitness Trainer Valeria Magri So he will be able to count on boosting to a higher level for the rest of the season. “I got back from the US in early December – Beatrice attacks – It was very nice to be able to spend all the holidays with my family, given the global situation as well. I am very happy to be back home.”


Beatrice Born in Busto Arsizio (Varese) on July 1, 1999 He lives with his family in Castellanza. I graduated last year in political science and He started playing volleyball at the age of fourteenwearing a shirt Yamami Busto Arsizio, which manages the youth groups. He was always with the bustocca jersey that debuted in B2, and rushed to the rescue of the first team when necessary. For the past three seasons he has worn the jerseys of Picco Lecco and CS Alba Volley, which he won promotion to the A2 Series last June, also topping the yellow and blue Tigers on his way. It was Beatrice’s greatest satisfaction CEV Cup debut with Busto Arsizio. We were in Sofia, Bulgaria. We won the first two sets, and entered the third set. It was beautiful, at first my legs were trembling (smiling), but then I closed the match with a wall: everyone came to hug me, I was the youngest player on the field and playing with your idols was always really cool. Then that race led us straight to the semi-finals and then to the final.” Feels so nice to think about going back to last season. “It has been an endless year, because we played the final on June 26, it was very hot in the gym but it was worth it. Among other things, the final was against Lecco, which I was previously in. The team was great, I spent Great time at Albese.”

Designed by Beatrice Badini in an Arizona State University jersey

The experience in the United States

In recent months, Beatrice decided to try the experience abroad, Playing the American College Championships in Arizona. “I was offered a scholarship to go to an American college. This opportunity always fascinated me, but it never came true. I was finishing three years, and I thought ‘Why not?’ It could be a crazy experience. And it was. I saw great places, great halls to play in, so it was an important experience in many ways for me, including the ability to improve my English. An experience I wanted to try and I don’t regret anything, but now I am happy to be at home and to be able to come back to play here.” Beatriz will wear the number 6 shirt. “Actually I have asked for other numbers, but they are already busy. I chose No.6 because my younger sister, Letizia, who plays in A2 at Futura Folli Giovanni as selector, wears the No.6 shirt. So this year my sister Badini will be wearing No.6! “.

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