Escape room, new rules for interactive entertainment activities in Greece

Greece yesterday reported to the European Commission a draft technical standard governing specific issues related to the exercise of recreational areas and interactive entertainment businesses, in particular the adoption of escape rooms aimed at the safety of users/players and employees of regulated companies.
The provisions apply to all entertainment areas and companies engaged in providing interactive entertainment services.

In this way, Greece intends to address the risks of accidents that can occur in the areas of recreational activities mentioned with potential victims among minors, as well as the complaints that have been submitted to the General Secretariat of Trade, which it has examined, for the time being. Not having a standard technology for safety and control as well as an authorization framework is very difficult and time consuming.

The technical base is a necessary condition for the completion of the institutionalization of the licensing procedure for these activities.

Any new license after the transitional period shall be based on its compliance with the technical specifications, safety and control rules contained in this Technical Regulation.

The need to implement all legislative interventions in a short time – the Technical Discipline Framework and the Licensing Framework – requires the follow-up of the Technical Discipline Urgent Action, which constitutes the first part of this initiative.

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