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Christian Eriksen will undergo heart surgery. The 29-year-old Inter and Denmark midfielder will be implanted with an implantable defibrillator. In essence, the defibrillator is a replacement for the heart, the defibrillator that gives new life to the heart muscle if it stops. how did that happen Eriksen at the end of the first half of the European Championship match between Denmark and Finland. Eriksen will soon have surgery and will have a “new heart” under the skin. Even if the causes of the disease are not yet known, which has kept fans from all over Europe in suspense for tens of minutes.

The Danish midfielder is not the only player to own the ICD. Like him there is Daley BlindThe Dutch national team player is the son of Danny Blind, who in turn made the history of international football. Daley Blind also has a pacemaker and defibrillator and plays soccer. Although from the outside. Italian regulations hardly allow Christian Eriksen to play. The first is a temporary reason: to be eligible in Italy it takes at least six months from the transplant or at least from the last arrhythmia. Six months, ie the end of December. In addition, eligibility in Italy is granted to those who have undergone ICD implants only for moderate effort sports that do not include contact with opponents. Thus, not only high-level football like that of Serie A – but also at B or C – could fall into this category.

Playing Daley Blind, However. And at international levels, even with the Dutch national team shirt. But in the Netherlands, where he returned after four years to Manchester United in England. Italian legislation is definitely more stringent. To underline this, Enrico Castellacci, the doctor of the 2006 world champion for the national team and now the chief football doctor, said: “In Italy we are more careful and strict in awarding sports fitness.” On top of that, Daley Blind himself hasn’t always lived only rosy moments. At the end of August 2020 The Dutchman’s subcutaneous pacemaker has been ‘turned off’ The young man lived through difficult times. “Immediately after that he was fine,” his coach explained. Yes, soon after.

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Eriksen is 29 years old and has a great desire to get back on the field. However, this could not happen at the expense of his health. Meanwhile, the captain denmarkEriksen’s friend, Simon Kear Talking about the match with Belgium: “What happened to Christian is a shock that will remain a part of me, of all of us, forever. The only thing that really matters and that really matters is that Christian is doing well. I am proud of how we acted as a team and how we came together in these difficult times. I am so impressed and grateful Very much for the support I received. Today we will enter the field against Belgium with Christian in our hearts and thoughts. This will give us peace of mind. He will allow us to focus on the match. We will play for Christian and as always with all of Denmark: This is the biggest motivation for all of us. As always, we will make Our best for Denmark.”

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