“Eriksen is ready to play for Denmark too”

Christian Eriksen Ready to be called up for the national team. To say it, on the sunis his coach at BrentfordDanish Thomas Frank. Former midfielderInter He recently returned to playing football, after a heart attack he suffered nine months ago during the European Championship in the national team shirt Denmark. He entered the field with an internal pacemaker and was able to play, without problems, even more than 90 minutes, in the last game of the English club against Norwich.

Howe on Eriksen Back in the Field: "Great football time"

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Howe on Eriksen’s return to the pitch: ‘Great moment for football’

“Eriksen is fine but the Denmark coach will decide”

sincere I’m convinced of that now Eriksen Both are appropriate. So there are no problems entering the field, even with your country’s shirt. In fact, he is ready to play in the battle against salvation BurnleyWhere he will find himself in front of his new audience for the first time. sincere Add: “I think it is obviously up to Kasper Hjolmand to decide whether to call him or not. On a sporting level he is ready. He played 98 minutes against Norwich, I hope he plays 90 minutes against Burnley and another 90 against Leicester.” Minutes of content will show how a fully qualified football player is now back. always sincere: Eriksen He is a player and a person with a lot of experience, but I think he should have a conversation with Casper and decide together.” The Danish midfielder is back in action, and he is definitely aiming for the World Cup finals in Qatar which will start next November. at the end of the month Denmark He will play two friendlies with the Netherlands and Serbia: “With Casper Hjolmand I hear regularly because I know him so well.” Flour sincere. Surely, the two of them will talk about Eriksen.

Eriksen, what a delight!  Back in the field after 8 months

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Eriksen, what a delight! Back in the field after 8 months

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