Erdogan, to me, he told Super Mario half the truth

I don’t think the undersigned can in any way be counted among the unconditional fans Super MarioThe good financial technician entrusted to the Italian parties in a clear perspective crisis of the country’s fate. Indeed, it is increasingly evident that Draghi’s choices are heavily dependent, as more so than those who have preceded him, by the systemic priorities of the ruling classes and Strong powers Both locally and internationally.

However, I must admit that he also had the opportunity to say, albeit half the truth, half the truth, confirming what has been around for everyone to see for a long time and that is that Erdogan He is a dictator. How can we identify, in fact, a political leader such as the Turkish president who has slapped tens of thousands of dissidents in prison who largely belong to the middle class (lawyers, judges, doctors, engineers, academics, artists, journalists, and intellectuals in general) as well as union leaders?

Who is definitely trying to put him in the right place Prohibited A party, like the HDP, has millions of members and supporters and is the third force in the country and the first in the Kurdish regions, and has already put nearly all parliament members and leaders in prison, starting with Minister Saladin de Mertas? Which carried out repeated military attacks against SyriaEspecially against the areas occupied by the Kurdish, Arab and other ethnic militias of the Syrian Democratic Forces? Which about Turkey In a haven for fundamentalist terrorists from ISIS who committed massive massacres in Syria, Iraq and Turkey itself, as well as in Europe, as the brave journalists imprisoned for this reason condemned her for life in Erdogan’s prisons? The list goes on and on.

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So Erdogan is definitely a dictator. But not only that, it is also an enemy Irreducible Among all those who wish to establish a peaceful coexistence in the Middle East. And thus also one of the progressive and democratic forces in Europe. Still, Europe is in Deep awe Before him, as evidenced by the pathetic drama of the chair, Mrs. Von der Leyen denied, an episode for sure. Underage In front of the list of gross violations and outright crimes that we have now referred to. The only offense that Europe felt compelled to protest, which gives the full measure of the absurd helplessness in which Europe finds itself.

At the root of this state of European dread toward Erdogan, we find various factors. First of all, the fact that the tough guy Ankara He, in turn, runs an unscrupulous foreign policy and proves to be as clever and cunning as thirty Anatolian foxes combined. Buying missiles from Russia, winks at Put it in This alludes to the opportunity to find a temporary way in Syria and Libya, but at the same time it reaffirms its genetically unchangeable nature as the indispensable NATO pawn, to the delight of Stoltenberg, Biden, Blinken and their partners.

Europeans never dreamed of joining conflict With their princes and masters abroad by opening a confrontation with one of their main reference points in the Middle East, which controls a strategically vital region on the borders of Russia and Iran, and not far from the rapidly expanding Chinese sphere of influence as a result. It is Xi Jinping’s happy initiative with the Silk Road.

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Then another reason is containment refugees, An activity Erdogan devotes himself to, like his Libyan comrades, and for which he was recently honored by Draghi himself, for which he received large wasted money. It is also known as Turkish Military Action, with its influence Destabilization Towards Syria and other countries, whether on the basis of an increased influx of refugees, a good example of a circular economy, complemented by beneficial sales of European and Italian weapons to Erdogan himself, but also to his potential rivals, from Sisi To the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In conclusion, Erdogan is indeed a dictator who violates human rights and peace, but he is also a fundamental pillar of the Western order in the region. So Supermario is right for me when he identifies him as such and when he adds that he is a dictator Collaborator. However, it is useful, and this Draghi does not say it, only for the European ruling classes that he represents, and certainly not for the peoples – whether European or Middle Eastern – which, as we mentioned, is already a formidable enemy.

So Draghi, in conclusion, is telling the truth, but it is, in hindsight, the same Half the truth. And that half of the truth is very short-sighted, because it is by no means certain that Erdogan will last forever, given that his regime is oscillating and that regimes of this kind, when they collapse, make a very loud noise.

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