Equity in your checking account, there is an amount you should never exceed

Watch out for the balances in your checking account, you might run into some nasty surprises: This is the amount you should never exceed.

I have Bank account It is essential for those who intend to pool their money (from salary or any other income) in one safe place. However, you don’t always realize it Risks And boundaries that must be respected to avoid bureaucratic problems and hassles.

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One of the most important elements to consider is Balance in the current account. In fact, it is important that you always know how much money is in your account and how long that money remains inactive. There is, in fact, a amount That you should never cross it.

Stocks in your checking account, here’s what you need to be careful of

The balance in the current account is only The amount you have on your own account at a certain time. It is very important to monitor them for various reasons. Specifically, there is a file The amount you should never exceed To avoid trouble.

In fact, it is imperative that you never try not to go in red On your account. Going red means that payments have been made in excess of the available balance on the account. In this case, it will conflict Extra charge And Interests.

Also, it will be advised not to have it a lot of money on your current account. This is because a file interest income Recognized in the inventory is often close to zero. Therefore, too much money in your account undermines the possibility of higher interests e products More profitable, like I deposit accounts.


If your average account balance is higher than 5000 Eurostamp duty 34.20 euros per year. if she is advised Never exceed €5,000 in your checking account, keeping the average balance below this number.

Always advice to management Carefully and moderately the assets in the current account, always relying on experts From the sector to avoid trouble and economic problems. It is also useful to understand Expense types This is done, trying to sort it out and perhaps cut it out at the most difficult moments.

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