Equestrian, Dressage Nations Cup 2023: Denmark takes the lead after the Compiegne Grand Prix

Yes, Denmark It continues after the Compiègne Grand Prixa city in France that hosts the second phase of Dressage Nations Cup 2023A touring horse riding competition.

North team, especially thanks to the great performance of Karina Caso Cruz (over Heiline Danciera) who won the test with a score of 78.674, Take to the sea with Anna Kasprzak (On Addict de Massa) e Lone Bang Zinzendorf (in Thranegaardens Rostov) got a total of 22 ahead of Holland who, along with Themar Zweistra (on Hexagon’s Ichh Weiss), Denise Nakeman (on Boston Sth) and Lynne Mass (on Electra), reached 29th.

on the lowest rung of the platform On the other hand, Germany temporarily absorbed itself With 30, he is able to obtain significant results thanks to Matthias Alexander Rath (at Destacado FRH), third in singles, Evelyn Ger (at Westminster 71) and Bianca Nowag-Aulenbrock (at Florine Old). Also worth noting is the second place for Charlotte Fry (on Everdale) which helped the UK finish fifth with 36.

Rides, Piazza di Siena 2023: the field of competition has widened, bypasses have disappeared

Tomorrow, Sunday, May 7, the Freestyle Grand Prix will take place

Photo: La Presse

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