Equal access to vaccinations and treatments

Five pages of 16 principles From the direct effort of “fair access” to vaccines and treatments to “open, flexible, diversified, safe, effective and reliable global supply chains along the entire value chain of health emergencies”, moving from commitment to stronger health systems and the battle outside the pandemic to be fought on the front of other diseases including This includes HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and non-communicable diseases. I Some of the principles included in the draft of the Rome Statute – which will be adopted at the end of the World Health Summit at Villa Doria Pamphili – which Adnkronos will be able to preview.

Project: Integrating Vaccine Efforts in Fragile Countries

“In a spirit of solidarity, uniting efforts to support the production and supply of vaccines and other supplies and / or provide funding for the purchase of vaccines” in support of “low and middle income countries” is written in a paragraph of the Rome Statute, which also expresses pain and “condolences for lives lost.” Because of the epidemic caused by the Covid, he expressed his “appreciation for the health care and vital efforts of all workers at the forefront of responding to the epidemic.” G20 leaders also hailed the declaration of 2021 as the year of health and care workers.

According to a passage from the charter Adnkronos was able to see, “The pandemic continues to represent an unprecedented global health and socio-economic crisis, with direct and indirect disproportionate impacts on the most vulnerable, women, girls and children, as well as on frontline workers and older workers. It ends with all countries being able to control the disease and then “ensure” widespread, universal, safe, effective and equitable vaccination along with other appropriate health measures. Public policy remains our top priority, along with a return to strong, sustainable, balanced and inclusive growth. “

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Von der Leyen: The Rome Pact aims to prepare ourselves to avoid a new pandemic

European Commission President Ursula von der said: “We must make sure that this is the last epidemic and this must be the goal of the Rome Declaration, to put an end to this epidemic and prepare ourselves to avoid any new emergencies.” Leyen, to open the World Health Summit in Rome, which he co-chaired with Mario Draghi. “The Rome Declaration represents an important milestone in this common path.”

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