Epic Games will give away 1 video game a day at Christmas: here’s how to get it

From December 16 to December 30, 2021, the store will offer one free video game per day, for a total of 15. Here are the details for you to participate in the Epic Games initiative.

Epic Games Store, a digital platform for the well-known software house behind It is an electronic game, preparing for a sort of video game-themed advent calendar: from From December 16 to December 30 2021, the store will offer one free video game per day, with a total of 15 games unlike the service Xbox Game Pass, which includes subscribing to a monthly subscription to access the digital library of titles, and the Epic Games initiative does not involve any cost. Just create an account to login to the store And get today’s game as a gift. It should be the first thing that is provided Shenmue III, the third installment in the iconic SEGA series.

The news at the moment is not entirely official, but it comes from Delabs Belbel Cone, a trusted user for revealing a list of video games as gifts with PlayStation Plus for September, October, November, and December, as well as Xbox Live game titles for December. Epic Games announced that on December 16 it will give a “mysterious game” as a gift. In addition to Dealabs reliability, this is not the first time the software house has launched such an initiative: during the Christmas period of 2020, the store hosted 15 free games, while during the Christmas holidays of 2019, there were 12 such games. Infusion from a trusted user. However, new official data is expected from Epic Games.

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Lately the software house has been busy with it Chapter 3 debut from Fortnite. After an epic final battle against the Queen of Cubes, the game world has transformed once again to start a new phase of the battle-royale ecosystem. This stage is called Sottosopra and wants to be a meeting point between new players and old fans. The main character of this first season of Chapter 3 is Spiderman, the famous Marvel hero. Even at this point i’m cross Continue to act as a central hub in Fortnite.

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