Epic Games Store, Free Games announced on July 28, 2022 officially –

Epic Games Store announce what free games Available to users of the digital platform starting from 28 July 2022. Well, unless there are updates this time around, it will be one title: Lawn Mowing Simulator.

Capable of ‘shave off’ Call of Duty: Warzone on Twitch, Lawn Mowing Simulator is precisely lawn mower simulator It is located within the British countryside and features a wide range of realistic appliances.

“Check the terrain, choose blade height and measure engine load as you complete a series of contracts in Career Mode, Free Mode, or Challenge Mode. Upgrade your mowing with accessories such as tape rollers, picker grass, recyclers, and shredders,” it reads Game summary.

“Lawn Mowing Simulator is set in a beautiful town in the British countryside. Lively streets, large castle gardens, peaceful cottages and equestrian courses are just some of the locations that await.”

“Toro, SCAG and STIGA vehicles have been carefully recreated in Lawn Mowing Simulator, both aesthetically and physically. The base game offers 12 lawn mowers, featuring their own challenges, accessories, and improvements.”

“Build your business from the ground up. Buy and upgrade your headquarters, hire employees, do advertising and accounting, while expanding your business.”

You can find more details in our Lawn Mowing Simulator review. Meanwhile, the free games are available on the Epic Games Store today, July 21, 2022.

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