Environmental rewards, restructuring bonuses, and credit transfer limits

03/29/2021 – Those who are starting to take advantage of the restructuring and environmental bonus can change their minds about how to take advantage of the discounts, but only under certain circumstances.

In response to a question about Fisco Oggi email, the Revenue Agency clarified that the answer must be evaluated case by case and depends on the year in which the business was performed.

Environmental Rewards and Restructuring Bonuses, The Case

The case being considered by the agency concerns the property owner, who in 2019 incurred restructuring and energy efficiency interventions and who, in Form 730/2020, listed the first installment of the ten installments as a deduction.

The taxpayer asked the Revenue Agency whether it would be possible to choose to allocate the credit in relation to the remaining deduction installments. When he began to take advantage of discounts, this possibility was unexpected, but then the reboot decree changed the cards on the table.

Balance transfer, when the option can be exercised during operation

The agency explained that based on Article 121 of the Restoration Ordinance (Legislative Decree 34/2020), it is possible to choose the credit allocation as an alternative to the direct use of deductions related to energy efficiency and building renovation interventions.

The option can also be exercised for the remaining installments, but it must indicate all remaining installments and are irrevocable. This means that you can only change your mind once.

Despite these places, the agency gave a negative answer to the taxpayers. This is because, according to current legislation, it is possible to choose to allocate credit only for expenditures incurred in 2020 and 2021.

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