Environmental damage. The Greens want to reduce trips between Milan and Rome

thirty six daily trips Between Milan and Rome: an opportunity for many passengers, a feature that allows fast and continuous connections between the two main Italian cities. But for environmentalists, only a cause of pollution. Actually, more: a real waste. according to Green Europe These routes are too many and therefore have to be significantly reduced: the Director of Mass Transit, Dario Pallotta, explicitly asked for it, speaking – with reference to the current situation – of “Useless environmental damage“.

In Europe, attempts are being made to reduce the number of trips, at least in the sections already connected by high-speed trains, to reduce pollution and noise.said the politician, explaining that “On-line Brussels-London Only 14 round-trips were made to meet environmental goals and to make the most of the Channel TunnelThe same thing, Pallotta argued, is happening in Lyon Pariswhich – that “For twenty years it has only been serviced by about ten flightsIn short, given the existence of high-speed rail, some countries would have chosen to rebalance landing flights. Environmental scientistwho considered those railways a real disaster.

Six trips will suffice.

12 years after Tav Milano Romeunderscore instead of Green Europe,”There are still 30 Linate flights, carried out under the monopoly of Ita Airways, which does not want to leave slots for the competing companies in Linate“Insert them then.”The Six Voyages to Rome from Orio al Serio (Bergamo)Hence the intuition of the left-wing party and the proposal to reduce the number of flights between Milan and the capital. In fact, according to Pallotta”It will suffice Six days From Linate to ensure connectivity with other destinations in Fiumicino, which has very few intercontinental linksFor a politician, current trips are.a waste and useless environmental damage because it was filled to 55% and the costs of this administration fall on the Italian taxpayers given that ETA has been nationalized“.

“tax on kerosene”

Referring again to what is happening in Europe, the former syndicalist also emphasized that “It is also under study Cost on kerosene“as such”About 2.4% of global carbon dioxide emissions depend on air transport, according to data from the International Council on Clean Transportation.But it takes very little imagination to see who, in the end, will feel the ramifications of this assumption green tax.

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