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From February 22-28, the red clay in Córdoba (Argentina) will be a fishing ground for tennis players who will have to prepare to “paddle against the wind”. When playing slowly, it’s always like this: long swaps and legs that have to move very quickly. A must-have for the ATP tournament which will provide space for the VIP players.

First, the owner will answer Diego SchwartzmanHe is currently number 9 in the world and the author of a remarkable climb in the last period that also saw ATP Finals being played at the end of the year. A list of the top players, as mentioned, including the French Benoit Barry (No. 28 in the world), genius and recklessness in the circle. What a Serbian can do should not be underestimated Myomir Kickmanovic (42 in ranking) and the other Argentine Guido Bella (No. 44 ATP), which can work well inside the friendly walls.

It was reported on the entry lists there Three Italians are at stake: Salvatore Caruso (No. 77 dale ranking), Marco Chikinato (No. 79 ATP) e Gianluca MageY (World No. 95). The Sicilians have returned from a comfortable season: Caruso, thanks to improvements to concrete, has climbed into the world ranking, returning to the top 100 quietly; Chinato, under Massimo Sartori, found the sensations of 2018, winning the third round of the Roland Garros Championship and the ATP Final in Santa Margherita de Bula. Regarding Mager, the lands of South America keep fond memories of him, referring to the final act reached last year in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), in the tournament in which the Ligurians also allowed himself to win world No. 3 Dominic Thiem. . In Delray Beach (USA) the quarter-finals at the start of 2021 were a good starting point for him, and then we’ll see what he can do in red.

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