ENTERTAINMENT: Bolton is also opening doors to Arcade Bars

The UK city opens its doors to entertainment with a new FEC Center and Arcade Bar.

By Vincenzo Giacometti


Bolton also opens the doors to Arcade Bars

Lots of games, we’re British. This may be the new emblem of the United Kingdom, which is more and more open to entertainment in this historical period. Also (and above all) in antique key. Proof of this is the city of Bolton, in Greater Manchester, where they have just opened a new city poop (family entertainment center) it’s a Arcade Bar.
With a dual function, alternating between an entertainment center for families by day and a “game bar” for adults by night, the new 8 Bit Micro Arcade Bar Bolton, had just opened his doors, with an inauguration that was in full swing.

The new bar and game room in the Horwich neighborhood was opened by Leon Pembley and is equipped with large screens to display a range of consoles of various types such as Play Station And the nintendo. Along with display Food and drink Very respectable. The restaurant is also available for special celebration reservations, confirming the new trend and new look of the place which has become a bit popular all over the world.

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