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The meeting between Pope Francesco The Hungarian Prime Minister Victor UrbanAnd the first to blame the other for not receiving immigrants. Nor did it end with Urban’s conversion to the gospel of the bourgeoisie, with his subservience to multicultural philanthropists. The two met in Budapest yesterday, in the Romanian Hall of the Museum of Fine Arts, which was also attended by the Vatican’s Secretary of State. Pietro ParolinSecretary of Relations with States pFirst Gallagher The President of the Hungarian Republic, Janos Ader, was instead inspired by a “friendly atmosphere”, with an interesting affinity around cultural, ethical and religious holistic themes, given naturally the diversity of approaches to be pursued and the distances on social and political issues. In some ways, Urban almost seemed to “turn” Bergoglio E Point out the priorities that need to be addressed. Not only did the communion of intentions emerge from the conversation in which, as the Holy See declared, “the role of the Church in the country, the commitment to preserving the environment, and the defense and promotion of the family” were discussed. This is a fact. It should not be underestimated given the Hungarian Prime Minister’s stances on LGBT people.

common vision
But the strange joint vision of Urban and Francesco, albeit with different times of reaction, appeared above all in later pronouncements. Urban, on Facebook, was the first to speak out in defense of Christianity, revealing that he “asked Francis to Do not let Christian Hungary Dies “. And this is while the Pope raised, before the Ecumenical Council of Churches and Jewish Communities in Hungary, “the danger of anti-Semitism, which is still making its way in Europe and elsewhere”, describing it as “a fuse that must be extinguished”. It seemed strange that the Prime Minister of Hungary – and thus a political and secular figure – would rise as a hero of Christianity, as the highest religious authority of the Catholic Church focused attention on the question – for heaven’s sake, primarily – hatred against Jews. With an appeal to combat all forms of discrimination against minority religions, and thus differ from Christianity: “In this country, you, who represent the majority religions, have your task to promote conditions so that religious freedom is respected and promoted for all,” Bergoglio warned. But after arriving in Slovakia, Francis in turn issued a strong warning to protect the Christian identity of the continent: “How can we hope Europe that finds its roots Are we Christians the first to be uprooted from perfect communion? ’ he asked himself during the ecumenical meeting at the embassy in Bratislava.

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in Slovakia
How can we dream of a Europe free of ideologies if we do not have the courage to do so Put Jesus’ freedom first For the needs of individual believers groups? It is difficult to claim a Europe more fertile with the Gospel without worrying about the fact that we are not wholly united among ourselves on the Continent.” It is true that these words were said in Slovakia and not in Hungary, as if you did not want to give the point to Orbán. The difference in ways of preserving these remained The Christian Matrix: For the Hungarian Prime Minister, it is necessary to defend national identities, in order for the Pope to create greater solidarity among European countries. After all, he already said this to the Hungarian bishops: “In the face of cultural, ethnic, political and religious differences, we can have two positions: A strict defense of our alleged identity Or we open ourselves to meet the other ». Having said that, it is a fact that two opposing personalities such as Orbán and Francesco converge on the same cultural and religious challenge to defend Christian roots. There would also be parallels, but the grandeur of the mission and the nobility of the goal must have made the “best foes” exhaust themselves.

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