Enough 10 minutes of WhatsApp voice messages with these methods to convert them to a text that few people know about

Time to say enough 10-minute voice messages on WhatsApp with these ways to convert them into a text that few people know about. No need to hide it: it is no coincidence that apps like Telegram and WhatsApp have implemented a function that allows you to listen to voice messages at twice the speed. Anyone who knows at least one person is obsessed with sending endless audio messages. And if what we mentioned is one of the possible solutions, then the problem arises when you are in the office or in the classroom and have no way to hear it. It will happen at least once to ask if there is a way to convert a WhatsApp audio message to text. The answer is that it is, of course, possible, but there will be a need to download third-party apps.

Enough 10 minutes of WhatsApp voice messages with these methods to convert them to a text that few people know about

Applications to convert voice to text

The best known app is definitely Transcriber for WhatsApp, and it can be downloaded for Android from Google Play. We recommend it because it’s free and works with messages in Italian and other languages. The app cannot always capture all the words in the message, especially if the audio is not of good quality. However, it works enough to be recognized by many as the best app out there for converting WhatsApp voice messages to text. The only major problem is that it is not available on the App Store. Let’s see an alternative to consider for both Android and iOS owners.

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Use a Telegram bot

One of the innovative ways to convert WhatsApp voice to text is to use Duplicator Bot From cable. The only requirement is to install the application.

Once this is done the procedure to follow is very simple. Just open Telegram and type Duplicator robot In the search bar. Then tap on chat and type and send / start. After the automatic welcome message, set the language in the same way. For example, typing and sending the command / italian. To convert the audio to text, just share it in the open chat with the bot, which it will transcribe as if it were a dictation. This method is free and ad-free and also ideal for students who have to copy a registration for a long lesson. In fact, the bot is able to transcribe voice memos, if they are shared in a chat.

In order to obtain good reproductions, it is very important that the sound is of good quality and free from interference. Certainly, the functionality is still perfected, because in this case also the robot can sometimes misunderstand entire words or sentences, making it difficult if not impossible to use the vowel content.

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