Eni and XEV, agreement to produce electric vehicles to swap batteries

where are you signed an agreement with Fifteenth , start turin, Which expands cooperation after the launch of the electric vehicle Enjoy Enjoy in the capital of Piedmont.

Collaboration is expanding and focusing on decarbonization strategy. Collaborate to explore areas of cooperation related to research and development of sustainable mobility systems capable of reducing the environmental impacts of vehicles, in order to develop Battery swap as well as forcar assembly from the vehicle manufacturer.

Fifteenth Engaged in planning, design and Electric car production Integrated shipping and delivery systems. The signed agreement aims to jointly develop Electric city car sectorin particular for the implementation of XEV battery exchange technology but also for the possible assembly of XEVs, or parts thereof, in Italian territory And also to manage the life cycle of car batteries, from production to assembly, maintenance and end of life through recycling.

A feasibility study will be devoted to an industrial project involving the production of Eni for Auto parts, accessories and tires By using materials and processes from industrial sites in Italy as well of renewable chemistry.

Giuseppe Ricci, General Manager of Eni Energy Evolution

I am particularly pleased with this innovative partnership, which looks to the future of new generations, the energy transition and Eni’s multidisciplinary approach. It’s a future we can imagine at Eni, and we’d like to build it with partners who know how to work as a team with passion and enthusiasm.”.

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