England – Scotland in the European Championship 2021, because Old Anime is much more than a football match

Europeans in 2021 anticipate the challenge tonight England and ScotlandThe British derby is full of competition and suggestions. In fact, theOld Enemy, the match between “old enemies” (Boy represent Old): This is how the confrontation of the British Chosen Ones is known, with a term borrowed from the many armed wars fought over the centuries between the British and the Scots on the battlefields. The collective situation in the European Championship sees the Scottish Blues have their backs on the wall after their first-day defeat by the Czech Republic, while Southgate’s whites made a great impression with their victory over Croatia. By beating their rivals, they will be first in Group D. If the English confirm that they are among the favorites in the tournament, the Scots must throw their hearts over the hurdle and the match against England is the most appropriate match. from all their European Championships .2021.

long-term confrontation

England and Scotland have met on 114 occasions in their history, also taking into account friendlies, and the balance in favor of the Three Lions with 48 wins against 41 Scotland, compared to 25 draws. The first international match of the new sport “football”, which had just been codified in Great Britain in the nineteenth century, was held precisely between England and Scotland on the day November 30, 1872 In Bartik – a suburb of Glasgow, now part of the Scottish city – on Hamilton Crescent, the home of the West of Scotland Cricket Club in front of 4,000 people. Entry cost is one shilling. The Scottish players all came from the same team, Queen’s Park, while the English played for different clubs. The match ended 0-0. The chronicles of that time already indicated the difference between two ways of interpreting football: physical and athletic strength on the part of the late Englishmen and the tactical intelligence and team cohesion of the Scots, just like the old way of fighting the solidarity of the highlanders. knit. That match was not the first of two selections that she had already faced 5 times since 1870 in the “international” matches organized by Charles William Alcock, but it was not recognized by FIFA because the Scots were not a national team but an inter-Scottish national team. residing in London.

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Legendary are challenges made within British House Championship British Championship – the oldest football competition dedicated to national teams held for exactly one century from 1884 to 1984 between representatives of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the four football associations of the United Kingdom. In the Scottish Triumph memory June 4, 1977 For 2-1 at Wembley with goals from Gordon McQueen and Kenny Dalglish who returned the blue to success after 10 years of abstinence. The Tartan army had encamped that day in London, and had traditionally assembled in Trafalgar Square bearing banners of lion rampaging in a yellow field, flags with St. The climate was heated by Scottish nationalism that was organizing itself politically in those years.

In Great Britain, football is more than just a sport: it stimulates social, class and political tensions and demands. After the final whistle, the festivities, thanks to the alcohol content, were not moderate. A tartan mob invaded the stadium, goal posts were uprooted, and police mounted on horseback as the lawn was raided to bring up a plot as the trophy for victory. The next day, and the papers silenced the violent behaviour, masking the rambling political climate, as one of the most sung slogans the Scots sang on London’s stadium lawn was: “Give us Parliament and we’ll give you Wembley.” It is said that this popular claim, halfway between nationalism and Gasconata, helped convince the Labor Party that a referendum on broader autonomy in Scotland could be a deterrent against more extremist groups. Except for some excessive hooliganism, it was a moment of liberating jubilation, sort of Woodstock football (also celebrated by Rod Stewart among jubilant fans). The camp’s raiders were also nicknamed “the happy rioters of Wembley”. It was certainly the culmination of the sporting confrontation between the two teams.

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Between football and social tensions

British football in the following years led to other tensions – industrial restructuring, the closure of mines and factories – and was filled with fierce riots that eventually led the British federations to suppress Britain’s centuries-old major championship in 1984; Also because – on a sporting level – the interest of the public has waned in favor of the international competitions of European championships and world championships, without prejudice to the main match between England and Scotland. The tournament was replaced by the Stanley Ross Cup which was played between England and Scotland, and from time to time a third league was called by them, but which had a lifespan of only five copies. In the final phase of the European Championship, the two teams met only once, in Group 96, with England winning 2-0 at Wembley with goals from Alan Shearer and Paul Gascoigne. Scotland’s last win in the world’s oldest international dates back to November 17, 1999, in the European Championship qualifying play-offs: a useless 1-0 success after the English 2-0. Since then, England have won three wins, and tied 2-2 in the last match of the 2018 World Cup qualifiers in Russia. No one expects the 3,500 Scottish fans who were allowed at Wembley to become champions of renewed independence demands across Scotland, but London Mayor Sadiq Khan has warned ticketless fans to stay away from the capital. There is a post-pandemic and not the seventies when about thirty overcrowded trains brought thousands of people from Edinburgh and Glasgow to London. But she is still one Old Enemy.

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