England: Italian restaurants deserted in protest against final “burns” again

The losing final against our national team is still burning, and so the British “boycott” Italian restaurants. Reservations at Italian restaurants in the UK are down 55%.

in a England He lost the Euro 2020 final against Italy It’s still burning, so much so that – in protest – His Majesty’s subjects preferred to eat local dishes such as “fish and chips” and avoid sitting in Italian restaurants It consumes our appetite.

As mentioned TheFork United KingdomIn fact, after the final on Sunday 11 July, reservations at Italian restaurants in the UK fell by 55%.

It is unlikely that this kind of Protest It will go a long way in the UK, given how much our food is appreciated abroad.

Meanwhile, the signature set To replay the final of the European Championship, which is now approaching 150,000 signatures and does not seem to stop.

Just like in Italian restaurants, pasta consumption has also decreased significantly in restaurants, but not because of Euro 2020: in 2021, pasta purchases fell Italian pasta In the UK they are already collapsed by 25%This is mainly due to Britain’s exit from the European Union.

Source: Corriere.it

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