England House dominates Race 2 in Ad Diriyah and leads the World Championships

The Jaguar di Bird precedes the Virgin di Frijns

On Saudi Night, with 600 LED lights lighting the track as if it were day, the second stage of the Formula E Championship, which became the World Championship for the first time. The series emphasized its astonishing splendor and, above all, its unpredictability as all cars approached. But the most surprising thing was the reversal of the values ​​compared to only the day before, so much so that the starting network looked like it had flipped. In the leading positions there were those who did not score any points in the standings, while the champions of race 1 took off from behind due to somewhat vague tests. Ultimately, the more experienced drivers made the difference by reclaiming various locations and the final ranking sees heavy names coming to the fore.

On the other hand, the tips of the German squadron did not shine through Which publishes the four luxury brands with glorious sporting traditions. In important arenas, no Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Porsche standard bearers are able to dominate Friday’s race. The class queen, DS, who won the drivers and builders titles in the past two years, is recovering with a different driver. Fernie and Da Costa, with the French singles seat, finished third and fourth, respectively, after a very sexy and sassy duel between them. The end would have been more enthusiastic if the safety car had not entered, even with the anticipation of the checkered flag as there was no longer time to clear the track.

The German stables left the baton of leadership to the Anglo-French. In addition to capital testing for the Stellantis brand, which is still in operation with the old powertrain and will launch the new model at the upcoming Rome E-Prix scheduled for April 10, Jaguar set off by snatching victory. HM King Sam Bird’s theme crossed the line first in the second presence on the back of a Jaguar after being knocked out of competition the day before through a connection with Mahindra. Sam is one of the most experienced drivers and forms a very reliable pair with New Zealander Evans, sparking the Coventry team’s dreams of glory.

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Birds, in fact, are one of those found in the first hour of the electrical formula He has been racing since 2014. He competes with Sebastian Buemi and Lucas de Grassi on the driver’s most decorated mace. Both the Swiss and the Brazilian have won titles in the previous six seasons, but neither has succeeded in winning the E-Prix in all seven championships. The UK team is the only one to climb to the podium in the first two races in 2021 and could add to yesterday’s success for Evans’ third place on Friday. Symmetry puts Jaguar among the favorites for the World Championships and allows the manufacturer, soon to be electrified only, to drive the classic car 40 points ahead of Mercedes (33), Virgin (32) and DS (27).

However, among the drivers, De Vries is top with Mercedes with 29 points (Dry yesterday) Baird was ahead of 25 and two other Dutch virgins with Virgin at 22. The Italian naturalized Swiss (lives in Geneva) Eduardo Mortara finished second in race 1 and was unable to participate in yesterday’s race. The morning tests, the driver rammed his Mercedes -powers Venturi very hard (Monaco manager Susie, Toto Wolf’s wife) and was rushed to hospital as a precaution where doctors said he had nothing.

Frijns took the super pole and led the bulk From the race but at the positional moment of the attack mode, the expert bird overtook him. Among the greats, both Buemi with Nissan and Lotterer with Porsche returned from Saudi Arabia at no charge. De Grassi with Audi and Vandoorne with Mercedes (second in the championship last year) could not smile as they managed to win 2 and 4 points respectively. Among the teams, only ambitious BMWs have reached zero. Appointment in a little over a month, in euros.

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