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England “free” between parties and protestsحتجاج

It was the night of madness in England for ‘Freedom Day’, the day nearly all social distancing rules were scrapped despite a steady increase in Covid cases across the UK, as the delta variant is spreading. Discos crowded with crowded customers and without masks, an atmosphere of euphoria especially among young people for a desirable day was vigorously advocated despite criticism from the international national scientific community by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is currently forced into isolation to be contacted with Health Minister Sajid Javid The result of the test came positive. Johnson held out, but with some ambiguity yesterday he encouraged his countrymen to be vigilant. Yesterday it was the turn of Nadim Al-Zahawi, the British Undersecretary for Vaccines, to advocate for the lifting of anti-Covid restrictions. “It’s a step forward, an important step, that there is no perfect time to take. It’s as good a time as any, he told Sky News, noting that schools are closed on holidays. “I’m confident we’re doing the right thing – he added, but I urge everyone to keep a mask in crowded places and be responsible.” Not the same as the idea of ​​Labor leader Keir Starmer, who says easing all restrictions is “reckless” and has accused the government and Johnson himself of “chaotic, dangerous leadership that could have deadly consequences for the country”. Neil Ferguson, a scientist at Imperial College London, had the same idea, which raised the alarm: It is almost inevitable that Great Britain will reach 100,000 cases per day and 1,000 hospital admissions because the delta variable is out of control. The real question is, can we double the number or even more? And that’s where the crystal ball starts to fail – the scientist told the BBC – we could get to 2,000 hospital admissions a day and 200,000, but that’s less certain.” Yesterday the UK recorded 39,950 new cases (a figure lower than the average of About 50,000 cases per day in the last few days but even there is a physiological deterioration on the weekend), with 19 deaths and 573 people in intensive care. It is precisely these numbers, and the large number of people vaccinated, that lead the government not to believe That the ‘free den’ was everyone reckless. Meanwhile, New Freedom did not prevent clashes between police, some anti-lockdown protesters who displayed banners against vaccination, police and Johnson himself from yesterday in central London. A man with handcuffs was seen on the Guardian website.

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