England, fireworks hit the player: the match stopped

Betsy (UK) – dangerous episode during Hashtag United – Concord Rangers, because di Essex League English: At Lane Salmon Stadium in Betsy, the host player killing we got drunk, During the game movement, he was injured by fireworks Run from the stands: the hashtag was two goals ahead when he was the winger, during a defensive retreat reached in the leg Fireworks set off from the runway. After the explosion itself, the player fell to the ground holding his leg, with his teammates demanding the intervention of doctors: so match officials Joe Lannon, Robert Collins and Nicholas Hodges decided to issue a decree. game comment.

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Fireworks hit the player: the game stopped

Immediate reaction to managementUnited hashtagWho writes on Twitter: “We expect fireworks every time we play, but not like that! Fortunately, our player Matas Skarna is fine, but he could have gone wrong! “. still: ” The match was halted with a score of 2-0 Because the runway from which the fires started refuses to stop. Two more detonators arrived near the square. The police have been notified. Hashtag United founder and owner Spencer Owen is outraged by the incident and has demanded a ban on fireworks: Another reason to add to the list Make fireworks illegal. Dog owners know exactly what I’m saying. I’m glad Matas is fine“, he wrote.

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