Engineer: Altavilla, nothing can stop starting October 15 – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, OCTOBER 01 – “There is nothing to prevent ETA from taking off from October 15 from an operational point of view,” said President Alfredo Altavilla, explaining that today at 5 p.m., the need for pilots and flight attendants and that “in the coming days” “Appointment of ground staff” will also be completed.

“I would be a ferocious idiot, – he continues – disrespectful of taxpayers’ money, if I said that the Ita could survive as an independent operator. Ita’s destiny is to be incorporated into one of the great groups, but to be combined on equal terms with the others in the alliance and not treated as it happened Previously to Alitalia as if it were a poor relative.” “It is – he explains – what we say to the potential partners we are talking with: We need to respect the fact that we are the ensign, respect the pivots of Fiumicino and Lynette, and the equal dignity of managing the roads.”

Finally to Michael O’Leary, CEO of Ryanair: “So far he’s been our best advertiser because he talks a lot about us and makes the name Ita known.” What is the Alitalia brand? Evaluating the Alitalia brand as an auction base is “unrealistic”, it “makes the investment uneconomical”. (Dealing).

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