Enel, the shareholders’ meeting approves the 2022 financial statements and dividends

Shareholders meeting In the It approved the financial statements for 2022, which closed with a statutory net profit of €7.16 billion, and decided on a gross dividend of €0.4 per share, of which €0.2 should be deducted in January 2023 as an advance. the Coupon balance equal to 0.2 EURwill be fired on Monday July 24, 2023 and paid for as of July 26.

Moreover, the shareholders of Enel set New board of directors – Its term ends upon approval of the financial statements for the year 2025. The Board of Directors will consist of nine members and will be chaired by Paolo Scaroni.

Finally, the shareholder meeting approved a new plan to purchase and dispose of treasury shares, with a maximum of 500 million shares, equivalent to 4.92% of the capital, with a total value of up to 2 billion euros.

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