Endometriosis causes infertility in 3 million women

Endometriosis is a hidden disease that causes physical and psychological suffering to affected women. It is among the main causes of female infertility, but it is possible to prevent and avoid the difficulties involved in this disease.

There are many testimonies of girls or women who have complained for years of more or less serious disorders that are regularly traced back to PMS and PMS. In fact, it is easy to confuse the symptoms caused by this pathology with an exaggerated perception of the pain caused by this period.

Endometriosis as a cause of infertility (web source)

Often, health care professionals confuse typical endometriosis disorders with ulcerative colitis or gastrointestinal disease. Difficulties encountered in recognizing this disease are often the cause of early degeneration Which leads patients to get Infertility problems.

The greatest difficulties that doctors face can be traced back toThere is no direct treatment for this disease. And the Basic And therefore the information In this regard and understanding certain symptoms at the health level to avoid “recovery” of women by various specialists without reaching an accurate diagnosis.

Endometriosis is the main cause of infertility

extension The disease leads to a very serious decrease in ovarian reserves With dire consequences for those who have the desire to become pregnant without specialized assistance in procreation.

very important Action Detective This highlights the typical alarm bells of endometriosis such as chronic pelvic pain and severe disturbances during menstruation, sexual intercourse and urination.

The importance of early diagnosis

The main goal of gynecologists is to educate patients and the medical profession to get an early diagnosis since This disease begins to develop as soon as the first menstrual cycles appear.

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It is established that the first diagnosis does not occur before the age of 25, that is, as early as a decade after the onset of the first symptoms. This is exactly the main problem that leads most patients to develop problems in pregnancy.

There seems to be a lot of silence behind the female body which often leads to an underestimation of the severe symptoms and consequences of endometriosis. this disease, If it is not taken in time, It becomes severe physical and psychological disabilities.

Suffering caused by endometriosis
Suffering Caused by Endometriosis (Web Source)

The most important cases include the need for emergency interventions aimed at resection of the intestine to eliminate the vice caused by this pathology.

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That’s why, once again, it’s pushing towards Prevention of severe disease development. Frequent checkups are recommended Starting at a very young age, they aim meticulously to look for small signs that can be traced back to this serious disorder.

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