Encubo Eta, passengers of Milan being unloaded in Genoa

An unforgettable morning yesterday, a group of travelers headed from Rome to Milan on an ETA flight, the new national airline. The trip that made those on the plane regret it for Alitalia who were in a hurry to get to Milan for work.

If there were no obstacles at the company’s debut, last October 15, then this time there were some problems. The trip took about fifteen people – many of whom were on board with the new blue and tricolor on the tail – who instead of landing at Linate as expected, found themselves in Genoa without any kind of assistance. They were forced to fend for themselves to reach their destination.

To tell us about his bad adventure he is an entrepreneur in the IT sector, he prefers not to mention. In any case, a “serial” traveler on this road, constantly commuting between the capital and the Lombard capital for his business. So much so that Eta has already tried it in recent days, on more than one occasion. Half empty planes, nothing to do with old Alitalia flight capacities, but they are all regular. But yesterday he was surprised by what happened. And, of course, all the other passengers. The flight took off from Fiumicino Airport at 7 am on time. The first surprise came when the plane was approaching Lynette. “The commander warned us that there was fog and that they could not get off. I was very surprised – says the passenger – because something like this could have happened 20 years ago, when the planes were not equipped for robotic flight, not today.” At that point, the plane began to spin above Linate, for about an hour, until the captain reactivated the microphone to inform them that they had been forced to go to Malpensa. The problem seemed to have been resolved with the least amount of annoyance, but it was not. After about ten minutes, in fact, there is another announcement.” They told us that we We cannot land in Malpensa because there were no services for us,” continues the entrepreneur. On the plane, resentment is growing, especially when talking to the flight attendants, the real reason for the loss of landing in Linate appears: “Ita planes do not have a license to land in the fog,” as they say.

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Meanwhile, the commander reaches the final destination: Genoa. Finally the plane landed. “But no transfer has been arranged for Linate. Our fate was abandoned and it was also a taxi strike. I managed to find one that took me to my office in Milan on my tunnel: a trip that cost me 300 euros. From seven in the morning I arrived at the office at 12.30.”

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