Empty the fire extinguishers in the gym, then saboteurs try to clean them

Beef Deal Grabba – They empty the fire extinguishers in the gym Locked up and then, almost repentant, they try to use brooms and a cleaning machine to fix everything. But now the omelets and al are finished A group of saboteurs All that remains is to escape at night. It happened a few nights ago in Former middle school gymnasium at Crespano di Pieve del Grappa In San Carlo Road. Municipal workers noticed the damage yesterday morning. They went into the building, which is currently closed for lack of activities in progress, for normal plant control. The surprise was great, mixed with anger, when all the white powder of the fire extinguishers strewn on the floor was seen before their eyes. Additionally, bottles of beer and other foodstuffs were also found indicating that a group of young people, perhaps to cheat boredom, entered the gym with specific intent to have fun. But then they realize that they have gone overboard and somehow try to cure it. Such as? They run the cleaning machine, while others take the brooms to repair the damage by sweeping the dust. An afterthought, however, was belated and above all useless, given the circumstances in which I found the gym.
The Carabinieri of Pieve del Grappa also went to the site yesterday and conducted inspections to reconstruct the dynamics of the accident. It looked like there wasn’t a break-in to get in, so the boys either found the door open or some of them had a key. The same soldiers are also trying to understand whether some private cameras have filmed the raid, given that the gym is right in the center of Crespano. The episode, which was dangerous in itself, was followed by Mayor Annalisa Rampin: “There were two fire extinguishers inside and both were emptied. Let’s assume they at least don’t do any other free damage to the chassis, so when you clean the gym you will be back to how it was before. In my opinion, given the situation, she was a little girl. I think they noticed it too once they got back into realism because they also tried to fix things, of course, without success. Maybe they wanted to throw a party for the kids, but it didn’t go as they thought. Now we also hope, with the help of the Carabinieri, that we will be able to identify those responsible and then assess what needs to be done. ”

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