Emigratis – Showdown, new episodes on Canale 5

to meEccentric clothes, inclined to rudeness, a complete absence of good manners and a noticeable readiness for latches and deception. It’s the mask he’s wearing Bio and audio Go on stage Emigratis – Confrontationon air tonight for four episodes, 21.45 onwards Channel 5.

Beau and Amedeo, starring in “Emigratis – The Showdown,” on Canale 5. (Courtesy press office Mediaset)

Emigratis – Confrontationnew episodes

As has already happened in the past, the new season of the program will also be scheduled in different countries. week after week, Bio and Amedeo will travel to France, UK, USA, Brazil and Dubai. The major cities in particular include: Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, Miami and Paris.

Grandma this year concerns Characters that Pew and Amedeo will bring to life. It is located around buffalone and mexicancommitted to one invention A sustainable environmental solution to save the world from climate catastrophe and stop expensive bills. So this will be the common thread running through the four assignments. Obviously everything always works A record of sarcasm and error.

Jokes without lightness, merged with looks Far from the ones seen at the fashion week that just ended. 80s clogs, improbable fashion, feathers, embroidered jackets, brand name fanny packs are in plain sight, but so are stilettos and fluorescent suits. It’s a taste of what’s to come that clearly defines the characters played by the Polish comedians.

Pio D’Antini and Amedeo Grieco, as the caller from the movie “Belli Ciao”. (GettyImages)

Success Magratians and back after happy evening

Indeed, since the first edition of Emigratis, Pio and Amedeo, also known as Pio D’Antini and Amedeo Grieco, distinguished themselves in their style tranchant And without any job. The dress they wore is not only in the format that aired until 2018 on Italia 1, but also happy eveningThe show, in three episodes, aired last spring on Canale 5.

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In this case, Not a simple variety, which attracted Multiple criticismin particular on social networks, in order to language used. Criticisms that have also been addressed in the past. At the same time, it must be said, Well-built variety, rewarded by ratings. In fact, the average for the three episodes settled at 4,138,000 viewers, equating to a 21.24% share.

now with Emigratis – Confrontation They are preparing to prove themselves more untrue than they have done to happy evening. They go back to their origins, to the form that made them so famous and dedicated. It was 2016, and the couple debuted as Italian immigrants, incarnated with their vices and virtues. All the stereotypes about the beautiful country. A success they hope to repeat with the passage to the first Mediaset Network.

Guests of the first episode

To give life to your project or solution to the climate crisis, Pew and Amedeo will continue to track dozens of victimsthat’s by saying Personalities from the world of entertainment, sports and fashion And not only. within Guests of the first episodeTwo-time winner of the Sanremo Festival Mahmud Journalist and poet of science Paula CatapanoDesigned by Elisabetta Franchi and by Etoile Roberto Bol.

Until now, Flavio BriatoreMayor of Rome Roberto GualtieriAnd the RonaldinhoAnd the Sebastian FryAnd the Marco VerrattiAnd the Neymar and Ander Herrera. Based on the evidence published in Instagramthen it should also appear Catherine Kelly Langfamous translator Brooke Logan in the TV series beautiful. With both, the actress will exchange a tender kiss on the lips. In addition to, Former boxer Mike Tyson, present on all four episodes.

always available Instagram post, D’Antini and Grieco 4 minute clipSummary of the new season of the program, where it can be recognized Some of the guests coming. there Elisabetta Canales, while participating in “My Foggia”, a parody of the spot “My Liguria”, which sparked many controversies near the recent Sanremo Festival. The tennis champion can also be seen in the video Matteo BerrettiniFootball coach Antonio ConteAnd the Fausto NightsAnd the Nusrat Gökçe “Salt Chef” known as the owner of the saltAnd the Sfera Ebbasta and Gianluca Vacchi.

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