Emergency income: four-month extension

Emergency income

The Support decree Now it sure appears that Will offer 4 new monthly payments for those who have obtained REM (emergency income). Seems to have originated from the meeting between Economy Minister Daniel Franco and Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando.

Emergency income: duration.

Renewal of emergency income It should leave at the end of April, to be paid for another four months. However, accurate data will not be available until next week with approval of the support decree.

Emergency income: how much is it?

The arrangements for the amount of emergency income must be the same, viz

A number equal to between 400 and 800 euros per monthWhich varies according to the number of family members.

Emergency income: who can request it?

Here, too, the requirements previously established by law (Refreshments Ordinance) do not change.Fourthly). Especially, Who submits the request:

  • he has to Lives in Italy;
  • To be in possession of an ISEE for the year 2021 From your family unit Their total does not exceed 15,000 euros;
  • I have Family income is less than the monthly salary projected by REM;
  • Be in possession Family transferred assets for a year less than € 10,000, By 5,000 euros for each family member after the first, up to a maximum of 20,000 euros. This value can be increased by another 5,000 euros if one of the family members suffers from a severe disability or is not self-sufficient.

Contingency income: how it is needed

For those who have already enjoyed emergency income, the four new monthly payments will be added automatically, Without the need to ask any new questions.

Those who did not receive citizenship income will have to submit a new application to INPS.

a this link Find out how to apply, In addition to all the frequently asked questions (frequently asked questions) related to social shock absorption.

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