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Two weeks after completing the acquisition TwitterAnd the Elon Musk He is ready to warn the company that it may not survive what he describes as an imminent economic downturn. According to him, the bankruptcy It is a possibility.

According to the New York Times, Musk sent an email to employees describing the economic picture as “appalling.” He further stated that Twitter relies heavily on AdvertisersMany of them have stopped spending on the platform in the past few weeks (perhaps also due to the fact that it is becoming increasingly easier to create fake accounts and share racial slurs in the name of Super Mario), and that “the top priority is to find and suspend any bot/troll/mail Verified random.

After that, Musk held a meeting with all Twitter employees. talking about a decision Remote work termination; Musk was going to tell Twitter employees: “If you can actually come into the office and not show up, your resignation will be accepted.”

Musk was also going to talk about plans to create Twitter Peer-to-peer payments platformthat “bankruptcy is out of the question” and that Twitter employees “should be tougher”.

Meanwhile, Twitter continues Loss of staff Both as a result of layoffs and as a result of voluntary departure. It has been claimed that several executives are about to leave the company, including trust and security chief Yoel Roth and head of cybersecurity Leah Kesner.

a In-house lawyer He warned in a note about internal Slack groups, seen by The Verge, that engineers may have to take on the “personal, professional and legal risks” the company faces. This is partly due to a 2011 agreement with the Federal Trade Commission that gives the agency authority over data security practices, with violations that could result in fines of hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars.

spokesperson Federal Trade Commission He told The Verge that the entity is “following recent developments on Twitter with deep concern.”

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