Elon Musk plays Elden Ring, but his build recommendations aren’t great –

Elon Musk playing in elden ring I want to let go of some Advice On the Builds Which is best used in the title developed by FromSoftware, although apparently his suggestions aren’t great.

After buying Twitter for around $44 billion, Elon Musk recommended “a build based on intelligence and dexterity, and thus a wizard capable of wielding weapons, with a shield in his left hand, a wand in his right but the ability to swipe .quickly into a sword and claws.”

“Switch the shield from heavy to medium for quick dodge or dodge, and switch spells often. Lots of small successive strikes are important for damage, and please, summon!”

good build? No, according to Ashley Bardhan of Kotaku: Musk’s suggestions won’t make sense to a wizard, as the character is overburdened with useless items and uses too many weapons that can’t be upgraded enough.

Cues about the shield and “small shots” also wouldn’t be too cunning compared to the gameplay dynamics of Elden Ring, while summons certainly represent a valid method when the challenge seems too daunting.

What do you think of Elon Musk’s advice for the Elden Ring?

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