Elon Musk lives in a $50,000 prefab house

AGI – The second richest man in the world live for rent The prefab house is less than forty square meters and its value is 50 thousand dollars. Gray cube with side door. It’s the other side of Elon Musk, Founder Tesla e SpaceX, with a personal legacy, second Forbeswith more than $167 billion.

And according to what the American media discovered, Musk’s headquarters is located in a small house inside Boca Chica, Texas, which he leased from his own company, SpaceX.

In this prefab he spends most of his time, following the work related to the space program of which his company is one of the heroes, in cooperation with NASA. In fact, Musk owns one too super villa in california, but it is used part-time.

The only home owned – admitted on Twitter. It is the place for special occasions Gulf area. If I sell it, it will be a waste, unless there is a large family living there, which one day may happen.”

“Teslarati”, a website that carries news related to Tesla, wrote that the house in which Musk lives mostly is this prefab house consisting of Less than forty square meters. “Yes – confirmed the billionaire, in response to a message that mentioned ‘condominiums’ made by a company – I live in a $50,000 home, but not this particular home,” he said, referring to the home shown in the video.

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