Elon Musk and Neuralink implanted a chip in a monkey’s brain: ‘Now play video games’

Even more ambitious than previous projects before Elon Musk, The project Neuralink Plans to A slice implanted in the brain In order to allow people Regulating an individual’s mood by balancing hormone levels within the hypothalamus. We have already seen how it works here.

Monkey Elon Musk who can play video games

As promised by Musk, advanced technology will be able to control human emotions It emits waves with a higher frequency and amplitude than natural waves. Not only is there a part of controlling emotions, but also a part of collecting data through future connections between the computer and the brain. Neuralink has already tried their technology on animalsNot without protests and discontent.

“We already have one Monkey Using a wireless implant in her skull that allows her to play video games with her mind. “Musk said in a day session A new social voice in the Clubhouse. “One of the things we’re trying to study is how to get monkeys to play with each other in a brain version of Pong.”. Then he added: “He looks really happy In reference to the monkey’s reactions to the games.

In the same session, Musk addressed many other topics, including Crypto, Tesla, Space Race, Robinhood and GameStop Status.

Gertrude Neuralink

In a video released last year, Neuralink demonstrated its technology at a A pig named Gertrude. The pig brain’s Neuralink device transmits data on pig brain activity to a computer. The chip is, in fact, designed in such a way that it can manage different channels connected to different parts of the brain while simultaneously being able to communicate with a computer via cable. USB-C. In this way, it can transmit the large volume of data that the brain generates, so that it can be processed by a computer.

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In the case of monkey, according to Mask, the application of Neuralink is different from its nature Wireless. There is no longer a connection to the computer, just to avoid repercussions for the monkey’s health and potential infections. Then the cables were removed and the intracranial slide could no longer be found. The monkey can interact with the game but it is no longer possible to collect a large amount of data about the performance of his brain.

at recent days tweet, Musk added that Neuralink is working alongside the FDA and Desire to start human trials by 2021.

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