Elite Dangerous Odyssey will add billions of procedurally-generated worlds –

Frontier has recently come back to talk about it Elite Dangerous Journey, The new expansion of the spaceflight simulator. According to the study of English, this expansion will add Billions of new worlds Explorers have been created From a procedural point of view, Which will greatly expand the dimensions of an already massive game.

This calculation was done roughly: according to the first tests conducted by the study, in fact, the number of explorable planets would be about 20% per district. Given the number of regions in the game, accessing a billion new worlds is an “easy” math.

However, not all planets can be traversed on foot: it always depends on Weather conditions That we will find and whether our hypothetical pilot can handle the temperature or gravity that we will encounter on the new planet.

In spite of this, the system will record who is the first to encounter or explore a particular planet, in order to satisfy the explorers who first entered the infinite space. However, those traveling with the company should know that only one man will be the first to set foot on a planet and will be remembered as such. The aim of the studio is to recreate what happened. “With Buzz Aldrin he had to create the conditions to ensure this Neil Armstrong You can set foot on the moon. “

Elite Dangerous Odyssey will arrive on PC in “late spring” and on consoles in the fall.

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