Elisabetta Canales really did it, it happened at night in Milan: “I’ll tell you how it went”

Revelation and testimony of Elisabetta Canales. The famous Italian girl is back in Milan for this particular event, which the same woman told on social networks.

strip news It remains one of the most important containers of entertainment and satire on Italian television. He has launched many characters and why not also pretty women and showgirl. One of these, which became famous thanks to this program, is still being talked about about 15-20 years after its first appearance.

Elisabetta Canales – Tennispress.it

point to Elisabetta Canales, the Sardinian sobriety that drove half of Italy crazy at the beginning of the 2000s. Especially during years like napkin in the satirical program of Canale 5 created by Antonio Ricci, but also later working in the Mediaset environment and participating in various projects.

there canalis Even today that he works and lives far away from Milan and his native Italy, he somehow continues to reveal and talk about himself. Obviously thanks social networksa platform that his impressive presence certainly could not miss.

The latest news about However, Elisabetta Canalis does not come from the United StatesWhere the gorgeous showgirl lives with her family. but from the Lombard capital, which had been his home for so long.

Canalis volunteer experiment: the post on Instagram reveals it all

In addition to being beautiful, sensual, and very professional on TV, E.Lisabetta Canales is a woman very involved in social work. In her own small way, she has always supported the fights close to her heart. The last one is related to a specific issue.

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This commitment relates to well-being dog, the animals that Canales particularly loves. For this reason, the woman decided to join the association’s initiatives rescue dogs, as seen on Instagram a few hours ago. Kind of a trailer for what Elisabetta did with the volunteers.

The former napkin posted a short video that sees her wearing a Save the Dogs jumpsuit for a night out in central Milan, along with the association’s historical volunteers. Canalis also announced other certifications:I’ll tell you shortly about the experience shared last night with the Save the Dogs volunteers here in Milan“.

Canales dogs
Canalis with Save the Dogs – Tennispress.it

Who follows and knows Elisabetta Canales He knows very well that the Sardinian is a great lover of animals, especially dogs. In fact, during her public life, she often hangs out with her four-legged friends.

In Los Angeles, Elisabetta’s family owns three Pinscher dogs by name Mia, Pierrot and Morgan. Who better than someone as passionate as she is to help a community so committed to protecting cats and canines?

What is Save the Dogs?

rescue dogs It is a non-profit association that, as its name suggests, fights through the intervention of volunteers to protect dogs and cats. As written on the official website of this group, the intention is to fight Serious problem of overpopulation in dogs and cats human-caused, many of which originated from straying settlement in some areas.

Among the tasks of Save the Dogs is combat Killing and imprisoning millions of dogs and cats in shelters around the world And reduce uncontrolled births of these animal species, So that many dogs and cats suitable for home life can find good adoption.

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