Eliminates toxins from the body and prevents cardiovascular diseases with this garden product

Health comes through the table. The foods we eat every day can affect it. Cooking with the right foods can benefit our bodies in a thousand different ways. However, few know what foods to put on the table every day.

Among these are products that help remove toxins from our bodies and protect us from cardiovascular disease, anemia and atherosclerosis. We are talking about valerian, or Songino. We can use this salad as a side dish, as a garnish, or as a main ingredient in our dishes.

The benefits of valerian

As we said, it is possible to detoxify the body and prevent cardiovascular disease with this garden product. Valerian is rich in vitamins beneficial to our body. Among them are vitamins B, C and Vitamin E.. Moreover, this salad contains iron, potassium, and phosphorous.

Meanwhile, valerian contains very few calories. Just think that 100 grams of valerian contains only about twenty calories. This garden product is also rich in fiber. For example, it contains insulin, which is important for gut well-being.

Eliminates toxins from the body and prevents cardiovascular diseases with this garden product

Valerian stimulates the activity of organs such as the liver, intestine, and kidneys. Hence its digestive and refreshing properties. Eating a bowl of valerian during an important meal will help us digest better and not sleep with the food on our stomachs.

Plus, the B vitamins in this garden product help protect the heart and circulation. So valerian helps prevent cardiovascular disease. Not only that, eating this salad can help prevent anemia and hardening of the arteries.

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Some ideas for eating valerian

But how do we include valerian in our diet? As summer approaches, we can use it to make delicious salads. Otherwise, season it with oil and vinegar and mix it with delicious main dishes. In any case, valerian will make an extra twist on our lunches and dinners!

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