Elettriche – Porsche Taycan in trouble: NHTSA opens investigation

The big success of Porsche Taycan Globally, it has to deal with a setback in the United States. The NHTSA, the Department of Transportation government agency responsible for controlling US road safety, has in fact opened an investigation into the German electric car maker, after new owners claim Loss of strength Sudden movement of the vehicle.

Porsche Taycan, as successful as the 911

As I mentioned Carscopes, The NHTSA allegedly received nine complaints and two field reports that the Taycan could lose strength when moving, at any speed, and Without warning To the driver. However, not all reports seem to play the same text: Some drivers admitted receiving a message indicating a fault in the electrical system and urging them to stop the vehicle in a safe place. Of the nine complaints the NHTSA received, two-thirds claimed that the driver was unable to restart German electricity after the power cut. For now, the NHTSA announces that an investigation is still underway In the initial stageAlso for this reason, more than 12,000 Porsche Taycan units ended up under the magnifying glass.

Porsche Macan electric, official tests and first photos

These at least are the numbers provided by the NHTSA, which However, they found no confirmation On the Porsche side: The German car manufacturer revealed that in the 2020-21 biennium, the two years under investigation by the US government agency, Taycan cars sold in the United States were just over 6,500: for this reason, according to a German company, there is no relationship. Between the numbers provided by the NHTSA and the number of Taikans out there in the US, whether they’ve been sold, sold, or are still in stock. In any case, if the investigation reveals a permanent malfunction or manufacturing defect in the Porsche electric vehicle, it will be possible to reach Re-Call nationally.

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