Electronic invoice is also mandatory for fixed prices, the green light arrives from the European Union

Also For fixed rates, e-billing commitment approaches. A provision relating to about 1.5 million Italians and aimed at curbing tax evasion by people who have not yet been required to issue an invoice.

To adopt this measure, only official steps were absent, after the green light from the Committee of Permanent Representatives arrived.

To become law in Italy, after approval by the European Union, an instrument financial authorization.

Tax evasion

There was already talk of introducing electronic invoicing for everyone in August. Obviously, the goal is to prevent anyone who is not subject to certain accounting records, especially if they are tracked electronically, from having them deleted in whole or in part.

The only tool, which so far has had good results, is electronic invoices which essentially oblige taxpayers to make their income traceable.

On the other hand, the results are clear: the electronic invoice allowed the Italian tax authorities to earn about two billion VAT that they would otherwise have risked being lost. Guaranteed results in terms of controls added to compliance.

A useful tool, as recently passed by the National Council Chairman of accountants Massimo Miani, also highlights that the current stage is “undoubtedly a difficult stage for the liberal professions”, whose representatives have also continued to work hard, despite cases of illness, or from quarantine professionals.

Electronic billing was “positive”, at the emergency stage, “with all the difficulties we’ve had with Covid, in our professional offices. We were afraid”, at the time of its submission, of the impact it would have “on small studios”, yet “we have to admit that it worked “.

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