Electricity and Gas Bills Reward 2022: Here who can benefit from the discounts and who can pay it in 10 installments

From January 2022, there may be increases in electricity and gas, and therefore the government on the one hand increased the bonus on bills and, on the other hand, announced the possibility of deferring payment in 10 instalments.

What does the electricity and gas bill reward 2022 offer?

The 2022 bill bonus is a facility that provides a reduction in rates related to general system fees, the possibility to pay it in installments and a discount on VAT for methane. Invoices issued from 1 January to 30 April 2022 can be deferred in 10 installments without any interest. It will be up to the Energy Regulatory Authority, which will determine the frequency of the payments and any other aspect of the installment formula.

rate reduction

In the first quarter of 2022, system fees on electricity of up to 16 kWh, for families and small businesses, such as bars and artisans, in particular, were eliminated. The family discount will be automatically applied by Arera.

Who can claim the reward

Not everyone will be able to benefit from the electricity and gas bill premium. Previously, the procedure included an audience of 5 million households. Reward access requirements remained unchanged. It is necessary to have an ISEE of less than 8265 euros or an ISEE of 20,000 euros per year for families with at least 4 children, to be in health hazardous conditions and to use electrical medical equipment. Those who: receive pension income, citizenship or are employed in hazardous health conditions using electrical medical equipment can also benefit from the bonus.

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Bonus bills, which can defer payment in 10 instalments

Those who find themselves having difficulty repaying can defer it in 10 installments. For depreciation billed from January 1 to April 30, 2022, different suppliers will be able to offer their customers the opportunity to pay in installments for a period not exceeding 10 months. Awaiting further communications from Arera for all the details on who can benefit from the installment payment and how to request it.

Discount on value-added tax for methane

For natural gas for civil and industrial uses, a VAT rate of 5% will be applied to consumption related to the months of January, February and March 2022.

Reward billing request

No new procedure will be required to apply for the Q1 2022 Bill Bonus. Indeed, as of January 1, 2021, due to the changes introduced by the Decree-Law of October 26, 2019, it will not be necessary to submit the specific application, in addition to the ISEE.
Therefore, only the presence of a valid ISEE certificate will be enough, after which the bonus for the 2022 invoice will automatically be recognized in the invoice by the company or companies that provide service for both electricity and gas.

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