Electricity and gas bills… bad news looms… stings are coming in April

In April, many Italian families will again face higher bills. Here’s what you can do to try to stop it

After a very expensive winter in terms of gas and electricity, Italians must prepare mentally April again very expensive. Although the heat will likely allow us to not turn on the heat and turn off the air conditioners for a longer period of time, many expenses will be inevitable: here’s what we need to be prepared for.

In April again increases on bills: here’s how to contain costs – ilgranata.it

Talking about increases in electricity and gas bills in April isNational Consumers Union. According to this body, the effect of restoring 65% on the Ug2c tariff component would increase the cost of bills by about €298 per year and the situation does not seem to be better for electricity either. Here’s what you know and how to save it.

April bills stellar again: how to get involved in practice

Just to try Reduce damage Already announced the April bill, a whole series of consumption-related means must be implemented. First of all, it is worth checking the spare devices: to reduce their consumption, turn them off completely or disconnect them. In this sense, it is useful to associate them as one Power strip with switchTo be turned off if necessary.

In April again increases on bills: here’s how to contain costs – ilgranata.it

If you have household appliance From a class below A, it’s time to change it with the latest generation. In this way, in fact, while making significant expenses, you will consume this flow of money over time, saving the electricity that it consumes. This talk is useful for washers, dryers, ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers. Then try to turn it on only when fully loaded, This is to avoid more washing operations and thus an increase in resource consumption.

As for gas, the government has extended Reduce value added tax To 5% and cancel the system fee, but for a bill that does not cause a heart attack, it is necessary to intervene immediately. First do one periodically System maintenance From heating: if it works poorly, there will be a lot of waste. Maintenance is best done in the summer, when the heaters are off: start by making an appointment. Then try to regulate the temperature of the boiler and install Thermal fuse On the radiators: Although they seem like insignificant gestures, taken together they result in significant savings.

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