Electric cars, here are the bonus bars: Incentives for sustainable mobility continue

Bonus bars are coming for electric car recharges: Here’s everything new about the government’s green shift, which is opting for subtle incentives in the name of environmental sustainability.

In an interview with Repubblica, he said Italy’s Minister of Enterprise and Made, Adolfo OrsoHe emphasized the new CEO’s interest in politics greens and transitional Environmentally friendlyEspecially towards electric cars and small columns from shipping.

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The future of the Italian sectorthe cars It is the topic of discussion and the work table that has just been opened, which you expect outlets and news. Thus, the important issue is that of incentives for the government to install columns.

Let’s all remember that Since 2035 The only cars that will be able to spin will be those electric and hybridHowever, subject to a wise and conscious policy Accompanying at this delicate transitional stage And change, as confirmed by Urso himself at the end of the first round of meetings and discussions on this topic.

Just to make it faster and Electrical stress performance Reworked and recalculated incentives based on the real needs of citizens and buildings, were introduced for the deployment of recharge throughout the national territory. Let’s see together the latest in this regard To one of the hottest topics at the moment, not only related to cars.

Bonus Columns: Here’s the latest from the government

Essential, according to Urso, to encourage Infrastructure of the country in order to support the installation of columns rechargewithout which the process of green transition and transition to Zero-impact electric cars It will be slow and almost impossible to implement.

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In this regard, prof Fund 40 million To push in this direction, intended for poles to be installed in condominiums and private homes. The Bonus 80% to purchase such infrastructure, It amounts to a cost of 1,500 euros per applicant which will rise to 8,000 in the case of combined parts affected by the installation process. That stimulus, only tentatively envisioned for 2022, will likely come It has also been extended through the entire year of 2023, with an expiration date of 12/31/2023.

important in this regard 2026 revision clause Suggest it bearin order to ensure support European Commission in this meaning. a a guarantee Likewise for many investors Foreigners who can be attracted to our country. A basic and desirable scenario that would restart a section In difficulty, it is the only flywheel of a green and environmentally sustainable revolution.

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