Elected Muslim senator wears hijab in Australia

She is twenty-seven years old of Afghan descent and has a political background that goes back to her grandfather in her mother country, Fatima Bimanwhich, for its part, has the distinction of being a Muslim woman elected to the Australian Senate in labor Party Wearshijab.

“I want to normalize wearing the hijab and I hope to be an example to the new generations who want to embark on this adventure and beyond.” Fatima said that in her election.

“Parliament must respect the people who vote for it and who live in Australian society, otherwise how can the political system have the confidence of its readers if not all are represented?” Fatima says from her pages on social networking sites.

Fatima had to run away fromAfghanistan Because she was persecuted by the Taliban regime along with her grandfather who was a member of Parliament in the previous government. The family had always wanted to return home, but with the current events in Afghanistan, this was impossible for them.

The love for politics gave her from her grandfather and father and she felt stitched. It is the legacy left to him by her ancestors, which made her “passionate to fight for the right of all women to assert their opinions”, is one of the many phrases on her profiles written by her fellow party members.

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