Elden Ring, why do so many people buy it? This was revealed by a survey conducted by GI –

elden ring He’s so far been the protagonist of a stunning and transversal success, which has far exceeded the traditional soul lover’s audience, and GamesIndustry has attempted to explain Why Lots of people have Buyer FromSoftware title through interesting vote.

Apparently, 80% of Elden Ring’s extraordinary sales are due to nature open world Experience: an unsurpassed element of this genre, but it is clear that it also and above all attracts users who usually try their hand at other types of products.

Second, 67% of reasons for buying include Elden Ring’s astonishing vote, a clear indication that critics of the sector still have a measurable impact in public speaking, and even more so when judgments They are practically all unanimous and enthusiastic.

This category also included 28% of responses related to advice from different influencers and 40% related to recommendations from friends, while only 27% of users said they bought Elden Ring because of a post. George RR Martin.

What do those who didn’t buy the game say instead? 32% said they didn’t do it for lack of time To dedicate experience, 22% due to the high degree of difficultywhile only 13% of the people interviewed said they were frustrated by the place and the topics.

Finally, it is interesting to note that the majority of users, 24%, indicated that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 was the most anticipated game of the year, before the title was pushed back to 2023.

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