Elden Ring: The Netflix star wants to name his son after a game boss, and fans freak out

A participant in the reality show Netflix “Love Is Blind,” now in its fourth season, announced a hypothetical son he’d like to give boss name to Elden ring: Godfrey. Love Is Blind brings singles together in the hope that they will find love, through a series of mechanisms by which they have to get to know each other more and more over the course of the episodes.

The announcement itself was not exceptional, but the network’s reaction was particularly immoderate in the face of the name choice (in fact, the names), also considering the context in which it occurred. The proposal has been submitted before Zach Goetowskimdefense attorney, to Irina Solomonova, event planner on the beach, where they were eating fish while chatting in harmony with the world and the cameras.

The two started talking about their similarities to each other and celebrities, when Zach brought up the topic of children and brought up the names of the Elden Ring chiefs: “

“We’ve been talking about names before,” Zach said. “For our children?” Erin replied. “Yeah, how about Godfreyhe asked in disgust. The man replies in disgust: “Godric?” Better Zion or grandfather…” “Zion? “I love Gideon. I like it, it’s a very unique name. “” I love him too. Do you know which one will be more unique? Goliath.”

For those unfamiliar with them, the bosses in question are Godfrey, the First Elden Lord, and Godrick the Grafted. Of course, the Elden Ring quote instantly circulated on the Internet and there was no shortage of sarcastic reactions. One user imagined naming his daughter Lightseeker Hyetta, who is naturally the eldest, another would like to pick up Astel, Naturalborn of the Void from school, while another likes to cuddle up to a Magma Wyrm.

Baby name jokes from the Elden Ring and other popular video games quickly multiplied.

what I say? We’d call our virtual son “Leave Me Alone Her”, in honor of the game’s greatest hero, even if spupazzare a little Malenia without chopping off our heads it wouldn’t be bad at all.

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