Elden Ring, Malenia is getting stronger after the latest update –

It looks like the last Update from elden ring It had a side effect, making it Malinia still harder: Many users are reporting this on social networks, reporting new capabilities to the boss.

In short, the mistakes of the 50-shot dummy wall and the dog killed in one shot are solved, but as often happens to fix a problem, others are created, and that’s exactly what happened with the powerful warrior in a game of FromSoftware.

An optional manager accessible at the end of the Elden Ring campaign, Malenia has always been very powerful, with a long katana and the ability to deliver very fast hits, as well as the ability to heal from wounds.

Well, this character trait was shocked by a new character software glitch: If previously Malenia could only regenerate her health after harming us, now she can do so practically at any time, without injuring anything.

An indifferent upgrade, so much more challenging than the boss fight in question, that it put even the most capable YouTuber in difficulty, who defined the “new” Malenia as a true nightmare.

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