Elden Ring, how hard is that? Lots, but you have nothing to fear

Although he did not officially appear during the 2021 Tokyo Game Show, elden ring He also became the protagonist in the chat during the show Famitsu x Dengeki TGS 2021, which was among the guests who could include Yasuhiro Kitao, Director of Marketing, Promotion and Production at FromSoftware.

During the discussion, Kitao touched on one of the most honest topics by FromSoftware’s fan community: Game difficulty. The Executive confirmed what many already suspected, which is that Elden Ring is going to be tough. Don’t worry, however, because it won’t be just that. The title is designed to give players a healthy sense of accomplishment when they reach any goal, whether it’s discovering a secret or taking down a very difficult enemy.

elden ring will also provide A variety of systems to make the experience easier, such as the ability to summon allies or stealth mechanics very similar to those implemented in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. For example, the ability to hit enemies from behind in order to instantly eliminate them while avoiding frontal attacks will be included. In addition, it will be provided Dungeons of different difficulty, so that players can deal with the simpler items first and level up gradually.

Kitao also took the opportunity to thank all the players for not forgetting Elden Ring during his long absence from the scene. The game, remember, will begin Jan 21 2022 On PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S and PC. did you see The latest photo from the Elden Ring celebrates the cooperation between allies Did you speak Kitao?

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