Elden Ring, how does it work on PlayStation and Xbox? Graphics and frame rate compared to video

Two days after the global debut of FromSoftware’s new spirit-like open world, we can take a look at the graphics sector and performance Elden Ring on PlayStation and Xbox.

YouTube channel Resero has done a full analysis of all console versions of Action-GDR, keeping in mind Old and new generation platformsmoreover at stake All graphics modes available.

As you can see from the video you find in the opening, Elden Ring can enjoy many things Graphics improvements on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S., including greater drawing distance, more defined textures, and more detailed processing effects. The change in general lighting is also evident when switching from a PlayStation console to an Xbox and back.

there game fluidityAnd the UnfortunatelyAnd the leave the desired, especially on Xbox One S where low peaks of 25 fps are recorded. The frame rate is 30fps, with a bit of jerking off on the Xbox One X, PS4, and PS4 Pro.

Xbox Xbox X It guarantees a frame rate of 35-40 fps in quality mode, while it can go from 43 fps to 60 fps in performance mode. On Xbox S Instead, we have a frame rate of just over 30 fps in graphics mode, and up to 50 fps in performance mode.
Concerning PlayStation 5We have a frame rate slightly above 40 fps in graphics mode and between 55 and 60 fps in performance mode.

For more information about the new game FromSoftware, we refer you to our game Elden ring review (At the moment it is still without a final vote.)

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