Elden Ring has sold a lot, but it’s not his only goal achieved –

elden ring It is one of the biggest successes lately. As everyone knows, FromSoftware has sold more than 12 million units in the first period. That number could now increase, and could, over the course of months and perhaps years, reach even greater numbers, capable of challenging the greatest successes of a generation.

However, the commercial results aren’t Elden Ring’s only major achievement. According to Stream Hatchet, the data analytics platform for the broadcast world, Elden Ring has managed to reach peaks even in YouTube and Twitch. This success was already anticipated by a peak of one million viewers in its first week. In general, like spirits can already boast 215 million watch hours, which is much higher than other games published by FromSoftware.

to have well-known teacher, Dark Souls – As of 2016-2017, the start date of Stream Hatchet data collection – has reached 97 million watch hours of live streams on various platforms. Dark Souls Remastered, got 10 million watch hours in one month. On the other hand, Bloodborne was less well known, but it still garnered over 60 million watch hours. Dark Souls 3 has amassed over 161 million watch hours in six years. On the other hand, Sekiro Shadow Die Twice was able in three years to reach 94 million hours, of which about 30 hours were in the first two weeks.

You understand very well that a file The success of the Elden ring It’s great compared to previous games from FromSoftware. We’re talking more than double a game like Sekiro, in a much shorter amount of time.

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It should not be assumed that these numbers are not very relevant to the game. Thanks to a huge amount of broadcast liveElden Ring has been on everyone’s lips continuously for the past month, in constant word of mouth that has definitely helped drive sales. Given the breadth of the game and the variety of possible builds (unlike Sekiro who, once deduced, doesn’t allow for huge differences in a second game), it’s plausible that the interest of content makers and audiences won’t wan quickly. The game is also long enough to allow you to play live for a long time, before reaching the end and moving on to the next game.

Crystal Cave in the Elden Ring

Data collected by also indicates that banners had an impact on purchasing choice. It is reported that 28% of people who bought the game and who participated in the survey did so because they were convinced by influencers, as well as 40% of people who received a recommendation from friends.

Obviously from the streamers one symbiotic relationship: The game was a success, so they gave it more space knowing that they had access to a large audience, but at the same time this allowed Elden Ring to gain great fame and thus attract more buyers.

Tell us, do you watch Elden Ring videos? Do you follow creators who play the FromSoftware video game?

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